iA Writer Pro is a professional writing suite that introduces syntax analysis and a simple workflow. Syntax Control scans English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish text, and highlights your adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs, prepositions, or conjunctions.

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iA Writer Pro for iPad and iPhone: Keyboard bar and Syntax Control > Adjectives

A Simple Workflow

Note. Write. Edit. Read.

iA Writer Pro’s simple workflow is built around how you work: Start with your ideas in Note, flesh them out in Write, progress to Edit for refining, then move to Read when you’re done. Rather than a limiting modal interface, these Workflow states act as environments to focus you on the task at hand. A document’s state syncs via iCloud across connected devices, and each state has a task-specific font and color.

iA Writer Pro: Workflow states


Structure your thoughts and ideas. Writer avoids settings for fonts and colors: all you can do is write. iA Writer Pro for iPad and iPhone comes with an elegant Keyboard bar that lets you navigate left and right, with direct access to punctuation. In addition, the Keyboard bar contains formatting, Syntax Control, Preview, Night Mode, and statistics.

With iCloud, any edits you make are instantly synced to all your devices. iA Writer Pro also supports Dropbox Sync.

Writer Pro: Note — Refined writing


iA Writer Pro reduces to the essence: a pure, spartan writing experience. As soon as you type, the title bar disappears and all you see is a clean typing sheet, ready for your ideas to take shape. Use Sentence Syntax Control to fully concentrate, one sentence at a time. Write in the dark with Night Mode. Paired with an iPad, or in Full Screen mode on the Mac, iA Writer Pro is a writing machine.

Writer Pro: Write (Syntax Control > Sentence)


Once your rough draft is done, switch to Edit to see your text as a reader would. iA Writer Pro for Mac lets you format your documents without taking your hands from the keyboard. Syntax Control dims everything but the chosen syntax, helping you to control your writing style.

Writer Pro: Edit (Syntax Control tools)


The Read state shows a formatted view, and locks your document for easy reading. Built on beautiful typography, iA Writer Pro uses outstanding custom typefaces from the world-class type design studios Bold Monday and Klim Type Foundry.

iA Writer Pro: Read


For more on the thinking behind iA Writer Pro, including a detailed look at the workflow and typography, read our in-depth article on ia.net.

iA Writer Pro: Workflow for a project with multiple documents